100% Feminized CBD Genetics

EcoGen Labs is the #1 feminized genetics producer in the United States

With you every step of the way

Purchasing seed is one of the most important business decisions farmers make each year.  We encourage prospective clients to extensively research what is available in the hemp industry and compare it to our genetics.  We are confident that our research & development program is delivering the most unique and useful 100% type III and IV hemp qualified varieties in the world, with 100% female plants from seed validated through genetic testing and large scale field trials.  We are entering our 5th year of hemp production operations and have seen consistently excellent results when farmers use our seed anywhere in the country (North Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, California, Oregon, Nevada, Illinois, Wisconsin, etc.) 

State-of-the art genetics

The High CBD Hemp Genetics that we offer are the same ones that we use on our farms. They are specifically sourced and bred based on their extraction efficiency and because they yield the highest diversity and quality of cannabinoids and terpenes. Ecogen Labs seeds are produced at our 4 acre campus with 130,000 sq. foot Nexus greenhouse complex in Palisade, Colorado.  Our unique genetics are developed in a highly controlled environment. 

A Holistic and Ethical Approach


Industry-Leading Expertise

EcoGen Labs is not the result of spur-of-the-moment thinking attempting to cash-in on the latest trend. We are farmers and scientists with countless years of combined experience in researching, developing, and creating the finest strains of hemp available. Our products - and our track record of success - are based upon our years of knowledge and hard work. It's this grower-centric, holistic approach that has helped EcoGen Labs become the largest manufacturer and producer of CBD in the country.

If you want the best CBD, you need the best hemp plants – it’s that simple. At EcoGen Labs, our commitment to the highest-quality CBD products is rooted in our seeds.  We pride ourselves on the unsurpassed-quality of everything we produce.

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