Why Bioavailability Matters in CBD

bioavailability in cbd

With so much new information going around about cannabidiol (CBD) it can be challenging to separate fact from fiction. One way to get to the core of the effectiveness of CBD is bioavailability. But what is it, and why is it so important? Here’s why bioavailability matters in CBD.

What is Bioavailability?

Bioavailability is both the rate and degree at which a substance (in this case CBD) is absorbed into the body’s system.  What does this mean though? Primarily, bioavailability refers to how fast the cannabidiol gets into your bloodstream and starts working.

Bioavailability is an essential aspect of all cannabidiol-based products because it helps define both how much CBD should you take, and which method of administration works best. The bioavailability of CBD varies significantly due to the quality of the product you consume as well as the consumption method.

Which Method of Consumption for CBD is Best?


Oral consumption of CBD is the most straightforward method of administration of cannabidiol – and also the least effective. Oral administration is merely swallowing a capsule, edible, tincture, oil, or other CBD product. While many people are familiar and comfortable with consuming a product this way, it is not the most effective method. Any substance that’s taken by mouth has to pass through the metabolic and digestive systems of the body – resulting in lower bioavailability rates of up to 20 percent.


Sublingual is a method of consumption where a product is applied directly to the sublingual gland in the mouth. The sublingual gland is a vein located under the tongue that allows for a more significant decrease in the time it takes a substance to enter the bloodstream. Because of the quickness of the impact this method has, the bioavailability of the CBD is greatly enhanced, only being hindered by the saliva and enzymes found in the mouth, as well as the quality of the CBD. Availability rates for sublingual consumption may be as high as 35 percent – fat higher than oral administration.


Vaporizing offers the highest levels of consumption for CBD products. Vaporizing involves the inhaling of CBD vapor directly into the lungs, where it quickly and effectively enters the bloodstream. This direct access to the blood results in significantly higher rates of absorption – up to 56 percent, making it the best way to experience the benefits of CBD oil. This bioavailability increases depending on the quality of the CBD oil, which is why you should only seek out the finest quality CBD products and wholesalers.

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