What Is CBD Isolate and How is It Made?

cbd isolate

CBD is all over the news, with major pharmacy chains, cosmetic companies, and fast food brands joining the industry.  Unfortunately, there’s a lot that’s unknown about CBD and what’s in it. One of the biggest concerns is the purity of the products and whether it contains THC – the active ingredient in marijuana. CBD isolate helps mitigate these concerns by offering a pure, ultra-high-quality from CBD for consumers. But what exactly is CBD isolate and how is it made?

What is CBD Isolate?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is the naturally-occurring compound of the hemp plant which provides a wide array of purported medicinal and therapeutic effects. CBD isolate - extracted from CBD distillate -  is the pure, crystalline form of cannabidiol, which is of 99 percent purity. What this means is that, unlike other cannabidiol-based products, all plant matter, which includes the chlorophyll, oils, waxes and any other hemp plant derivatives, are removed.

How Is It Made?

Obtaining CBD from the hemp plant requires extraction. While obtaining this extraction process is complex, getting isolate requires a much more involved process. This process includes not only the extraction of the cannabidiol into a distillate, but also the filtration of all plant materials. Once the plant material is filtered, the CBD undergoes a process known as “winterization”. Winterization involves an alcohol wash, which freezes the CBD, helping to extract the cannabidiols from the terpenes further. This process also removes any additional waxes or other materials left after the filtration process. 

The Benefits of CBD Isolate for Retailers

While there has been significant news coverage about the benefits of cannabidiol, there is unfortunately still the wide-spread belief that CBD is essentially the same as THC. Unfortunately, primary CBD products do contain trace amounts of THC, meaning they may deter some people from using them.

CBD isolate, on the other hand, does not contain any THC, as the complex process of filtration and winterization removes all traces of the THC, instead, providing a 99 percent pure CBD. This purity is a huge selling-point for CBD retailers. That’s because THC – even in trace amounts – can show up in drug tests,  meaning the use of lower-quality CBD products can have severe implications on a person’s employment, military service, or several other factors. 

The EcoGen Difference

If you are looking for a transparent and dependable CBD partner, EcoGen Labs is here for you. From farm to formulating, we utilize only cutting-edge techniques to ensure our CBD isolate is the of the highest-quality. This commitment to excellence ensures our valued partners receive only the purest CBD isolate, which is guaranteed to be 99 percent pure cannabidiol, and totally free from trace amounts of THC.

If you are interested in partnering with a leading CBD manufacturer and producer who is as committed to the success of your brand as you are, contact EcoGen Labs today to learn more about our CBD products.


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