What You Should Know About CBD Oil Wholesale Buying

cbd oil wholesale

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is all the rage these days. It seems no matter where you look, everyone is hopping on the CBD bandwagon, and it’s easy to see why. With so many purported health benefits (and more likely to be found with ongoing research), cannabidiol is a crucial product for the future. If you are considering selling CBD, however, make sure you know your stuff. Before you get into the game, here’s what you should know about CBD oil wholesale buying.

Know the History of the Retailer

One of the first things you should look at before working with a manufacturer or producer is their history and what they are all about. Are they farmers or engineers with a detailed understanding of the entire process of cultivation and distillation, or are they just entrepreneurs looking to turn a quick buck?

At Ecogen Labs, our founders consist of a fantastic team of multi-generation farmers and engineers. Hemp, CBD, and the entire process are in their blood. They understand the critical importance of taking care of the earth. When you work with a producer like EcoGen Labs, you are working with a business as committed to the planet as they are to producing the finest CBD oils available. Our farms are entirely organic, so you get the best quality plants producing the best quality products.

Know the Quality

Perhaps the most important thing you should consider before buying your CBD wholesale is the quality of the product you will be receiving. The best way to tell the purity and quality of the product is by investigating the processes and specialists your manufacturer uses when creating cannabidiol-based products. Far too many sellers offer low-quality, mass-produced CBD to buyers who don’t know what they are looking for.

A quality CBD manufacturer takes a farm to filtration and seed to shipping approach to their products. These producers thoroughly understand all facets of the CBD business and will proudly show you where their products originate, how they extract the cannabidiol, and how they test their purity.

Know the Genetics

Part of knowing the quality of the CBD you buy is understanding the genetics of the plant. A quality CBD manufacturer uses state-of-the-art scientific research to develop only the most potent strands of the hemp plant that produce the highest yield of cannabidiol.

At Ecogen Labs, our state-of-the-art hemp seeds and genetics research facilities are staffed by 136 engineers, scientists, and operators. They’re industry-leading knowledge and experience has helped develop highly-potent CBD auto flower feminized CBD seeds and clones. Our team has developed the perfect plant to deliver you the most-potent cannabidiol you can find. Also, our proprietary extraction technology and process ensure a cleaner and more-efficient extraction than any other CBD producer on the market today.

Experience the Ecogen Labs Difference

If you’re looking for a dependable CBD wholesale partner, EcoGen Labs is here for you. From farm to formulating, we only use cutting-edge techniques to ensure our CBD is the highest-quality. This commitment to excellence ensures our valued partners receive the purest CBD isolate, which is guaranteed to be 99 percent pure cannabidiol.

If you are interested in partnering with a leading CBD manufacturer who is as committed to the success of your brand as you are, contact EcoGen Labs today to learn more about our CBD products.


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