The Benefits of Adding Vape Oil to Your CBD Product Line

vape oil

Cigarette smoking has been on the decline for decades. It’s difficult to justify an expensive habit that is undeniably detrimental to your health, without much payoff. But you might have seen an increase in a different sort of “smoking” device, especially over the past few years: handheld vaporizers.

Vaporizers are small, cigarette-shaped tools that are used to inhale various substances. Typically, people “vape” different plant substances, including tobacco, cannabis, herbal blends, or – CBD.

CBD Vape Oil – Your Next Product?

Given the growing popularity of “vaping,” you may even want to consider adding vape oil to your own CBD product line, using white label CBD distillate to create a new product.

Of course, while vaping tobacco has not been proven to be better for you than smoking tobacco, vaping healthful substances – such as CBD ­– can become an enjoyable, even beneficial habit.

CBD vape oil has several impressive advantages to the user, making it an excellent choice for consumers looking to reap all the reported benefits of CBD – including pain relief, stress reduction, and help to sleep.


Using a vaporizer to inhale CBD oil can be more convenient than carrying around a bottle of potentially messy oil. Instead, vaporizers can be carried around in a pocket, a purse, even a wallet, to use quickly while on the go.

Fast Acting

One of the reasons vaping has gained popularity is that it allows for quick absorption, as the “vape substance” reaches the bloodstream through the lungs instead of the slower-moving digestive system.

So, whether a user might be looking to benefit from CBD’s purported ability to reduce pain or to ease anxiety, vaping CBD is potentially the fastest way to experience its effects.

Customized Dosage

CBD vape oils can be added to the vaporizer in combination with other substances, such as a flavored “vape juice.” This ability means that users have greater control over how much CBD they are absorbing.


Using CBD vape oil can become a relaxing ritual for the consumer. Popping a capsule may be fast and straightforward, but vaping CBD creates a calming experience for the end of a long, hard day at work, a lunch break, or an evening at home. Plus, vaping CBD can become an excellent replacement for nicotine users looking to give up their habit.

Buying CBD Wholesale for Your Brand’s Vape Oil

If it’s the case that you are interested in creating a proprietary CBD vape oil for your product line, purchasing CBD distillate wholesale is by far your best option to do so.

You’ll want to use a cannabidiol product that is ideally tested for purity, containing pure CBD oil with no harmful chemicals or fillers. EcoGen Labs produces and sells broad-spectrum CBD distillates wholesale so that you can create your own pure, high-quality product, such as CBD vape oil. For those who don’t have the capacity to create their own CBD vape cartridges, gummies, or other products, EcoGen Labs can create custom CBD products using our CBD distillate or isolate, ready for your customers out of the box -just add your label and you’re ready to go!

Plus, you won’t pay the high costs associated with purchasing CBD oil from a storefront (which is typically lower quality, anyway). Instead, you’ll get the cleanest and purest product on the market so that you can create a CBD vape cartridge your customers will love.


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