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High cbd seed genetics

The High CBD Hemp Genetics that we offer are the same ones that we use on our farms. These are specifically sourced and bred based on their extraction efficiency and because they yield both the highest diversity and quality of cannabinoids and terpenes.  At EcoGen Labs we produce our genetics at our four-acre Palisade, Colorado campus, complete with a 130,000 square-foot Nexus greenhouse. Our state-of-the-art facility is entirely climate-controlled with light deprivation to ensure the most exceptional quality in the industry.

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White Label CBD

EcoGen Labs creates private label CBD products for dozens of established brands. Whether you're launching a new product line or adding to your existing portfolio, we are here to help.  We provide a full array of white label products, including CBD gel caps, CBD oil tinctures, CBD skin care products, and dozens of other SKU's. Our CBD isolate wholesale products, and full spectrum CBD oil products come directly from our vertically aligned manufacturing facilities, where we maintain the highest quality control from seed to sale.

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Raw materials

We produce CBD isolate, full spectrum CBD oil, water-dispersible CBD, and THC-free CBD distillate in Grand Junction, Colorado. We derive our CBD from hemp grown on our own farms giving complete quality control. We utilize a proprietary purification technology that allows products with up to 99.99 percent concentration of CBD without traces of THC. We provide high-purity broad spectrum CBD isolate and THC-free broad spectrum CBD oil.  Same day shipping available (call first) and all of our products are rigorously third-party tested for quality control.

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EcoGen Labs has been a pioneer in the CBD industry since its inception, operating at the critical intersection of extraction, biotechnology, and manufacturing. Our proprietary genetics research facilities, hemp farms, extraction labs, and machine fabrication facility allows EcoGen Labs to produce the highest quality CBD on the market, from seed to sale. We continue to unlock the full potential of the cannabinoids to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity in the CBD industry.

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Terpene extraction

Though often overshadowed by the more widely-known cannabinoids, terpenes are becoming a well-known term in the industry. Terpenes are hydrocarbons usually found in the essential oils of plants. The most exciting thing about terpenes, however, is not that terpenes are responsible for cannabis multitude of distinctive flavors and aromas, but rather that terpenes work synergistically with cannabinoids to enhance the "Entourage Effect." This synergistic phenomenon is based upon mounting scientific evidence that substances, such as CBD, are more effective in their whole and natural state.

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We are a Colorado-based company focused on manufacturing and providing the highest quality CBD oil and hemp extracts in the world.

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why ecogen?


Ecogen Labs is the only place we order CBD from. After adding CBD to our product line a year ago, we've had a nightmare dealing with brokers and "suppliers" until we started getting our CBD isolate from Ecogen Labs. We aren't the biggest clients with only 10KG a month, but they treat us like we're #1 and have the best customer service. Ecogen Labs has the highest quality CBD oil wholesale that we've ever purchased. Thank you for keeping our business alive and for the best CBD manufacturers we have ever worked with!

Karen L. - Ann Arbor, MI

Our company went down quite the rabbit hole when we decided we wanted to start our CBD company. Our first order of CBD isolate wholesale was from a manufacturer in Montana, and after the first month they held our funds for 2 months without sending any product. This almost bankrupt our company, right as we opened the doors! Then we purchased a lot of CBD isolate in bulk from a large extraction lab in Denver, only to have it test out at 92% (this is garbage) and then they wouldn't return it! After finding Ecogen Labs on Google, we've never been happier! They're consistent, reliable, and ship the CBD Isolate wholesale as it's made - we get about 5KG every other day.  

Michael D. - Miami, FL

Hands down the best sourced products we have sold. Our patients are extremely happy with all of the products we make with their CBD isolate in bulk and the ease of delivery.  The highest quality CBD Oil we've ever purchased, and our patients love it. The best CBD raw materials we've ever sourced, better than what we have ever imported. This is real CBD, not like the junk from, China, EU or Kentucky.

Jessica H. - Dispensary Owner, CA